interior staging, decorating, wall art in L.A. California


Nadia Assad

"Sonia is my daughter and I have been very proud and pleased with her growth and development throughout the years. She's always had an entrepreneurial spirit and is a leader amongst her peers. Since she was a young girl she's demonstrated the discipline required to work tirelessly until reaching her goals. She's always taken pride in creating something beautiful and meaningful out of what may appear to be nothing at all. We upgraded our home in 1987, and purchased a rundown fixer because the home was surrounded by beautiful hills with amazing views. Sonia was 25 at the time and after she was done with the renovation, our neighbors,relatives and friends were in complete amazement of how beautiful the home had become. The home was unrecognizable from its original state, and had become one of the most beautiful homes on our street. Many of our relatives and friends began requesting her assistance with their own renovations. After my kids were off to college and subsequently married, I had downgraded to a smaller home once again, which also needed substantial upgrading. Sonia jumped right ahead, and once more the outcome of this home was truly remarkable. We've always had the best house on the street and I attribute this to my daughter who I love and admire for all of her accomplishments, good heart and spirit. I should also note that Sonia has renovated all of her siblings' homes, from ground up, and with equally outstanding results, if not better. Sincerely, Nadia Assad, a proud mother."

Lucy Mekhael

"Sonia is an amazing decorator! She has a keen eye and an ability to envision design, color coordination and d├ęcor that is not always apparent to the average person and before ever spending a dime. Her decor style is unique, yet classic. She is not afraid of color yet never does anything too drastic unless the client desires it. Sonia is not only a wonderful and creative designer; she cares about her clients and is mindful of their budget, taste and needs. She even took the time to go shopping with me to get to know my likes and dislikes and comfort level with trying out new decorative ideas. She helped me pick out a number of decorative accessories that transformed a boring and plain built-in cabinet into a focal point in our family room that is now filled with colorful, distinctive pieces that worked very well together and which I could not have imagined on my own. She also helped me pick out paint and fabric colors that achieved the theme/style I was aiming for and which everybody compliments me on to this day. I highly recommend Sonia to anyone! She is creative, talented, affordable, kind, patient and a great designer to work with!"

Amy & Scott Secor

"Sonia has a unique gift of being able to take a look at a property and not just see its current state, but somehow immediately sees its best potential, matching that potential to her client's needs. Her eye for interior design is a gift that comes naturally, where in others it might take years to develop. Any homeowner at any budget would be lucky to have her design their home interior."

Mimi & John Markarian

"Sonia is a wonderful designer and interior decorator. Speaking as someone who has absolutely no patience for the design logistics, Sonia was able to grasp what I wanted from my jumbled verbal descriptions and ideas. Sonia came up with the design plans and was able to create an innovative style comfortable for an active family using color and an open layout. Sonia worked tirelessly with all of the workmen and contractors to ensure that the work was completed within budget, time and vision. Sonia was able to take my very average, washed out boring home into a stylish contemporary home that is now constantly complimented."

Nancy Barsoum

"Sonia is great to work with. She has real passion for her work and her enthusiasm easily rubs off on you. While she has fantastic and rich taste, she is truly flexible and respectful of your budget. I was on a budget and was all over the place when it came to my style, wanting an eclectic mix of literature, old Hollywood glamour, classic rock song lyrics, Picasso, and even a hallway of crosses. There is a lot of color in my home and she was somehow able to put it all together so that it made sense, and my home is now somewhere I'm proud of and love to be. I've worked with her before and while our design styles are very different, she really embraces what you are trying to accomplish and is thrilled when she is able to make it happen for you. She is professional, versatile, funny, easy going and truly easy to work with."