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Bold Elegance

Bold Personality Meets Bold Design

This persona description is dedicated to my amazing and brilliant brother, Peter F. Assad, whom I will always admire for his unique and charismatic nature. I was fortunate enough to have assisted with the design and decor of his home in 2004; and through this experience I became inspired to recreate his unique characteristics into a home design style. What makes this style so unique is that I've taken two opposite design concepts, which are Bold (aggressive, colorful, outspoken, smart, witty, and driven) and Elegant (gentle, soft, shy, charming, and subtle); and then have combined the two opposing styles together to create an unlikely balanced and harmonious design scheme.

If you possess these unique qualities, you may also find yourself captivated with this style.

You're highly educated, well-read, well-travelled, and charismatic, with unique and exceptional taste. You accept nothing but the best and you're willing to pay for it. You inquire intelligently and engage with interest. You are outspoken and passionate about politics and international affairs. You are a fierce advocate of civil rights and while you uphold law and order, you have a mysterious side that likes to flirt with danger. You value great historical leaders, master artists, legendary musicians, iconic celebrities, brilliant scientists and great writers. In other words, you value the extraordinary and seek it within yourself. You lean towards unlikely mixtures of bold colors, distinctive furnishings with both clean lines and inquisitive curves, making it all work together superbly. Not a fan of clutter, the pieces that you will have displayed are likely to be conversation starters, not shying away from controversy. You are captivating, irresistible and a leader amongst leaders! Your home should reflect your alluring edginess, and reflect your exceptional class and brilliance.

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Downtown Loft
Hollywood Hills
Porter Ranch
Woodland Hills
Classic Elegance

Classy, Elegant and Traditional?

             This design style may suit you well!

You are an intelligent well rounded person who enjoys deep and meaningful conversation. You enjoy beauty and the finer things in life and wish to surround yourself with plush quality. You are a well-dressed and well-groomed person who enjoys time with personal friends, but also enjoys your personal space. You enjoy small gatherings at home and like entertaining to a select few. You enjoy fine dining, a great drama or love story, a theatrical play, a walk along the beach, and good wine. You are a romantic, and wish to understand and be understood. You are sophisticated, sensitive and seek deeper meaning. The people you do invite into your life and home feel comfortable and enjoy your company. You appreciate classics when it comes to art, movies and music; and a perfect evening would likely be entertaining at home with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Sade singing softly in the background. You wish to surround yourself with beauty and luxury, but are not vain and usually very generous. You are the epitome of class, grace and charm! Your personal space should flow easily like your favorite musical melody, and carry a touch of romance to reflect these characteristic.

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Hancock Park
La Canada
La Jolla
Porter Ranch 2
Santa Monica
Sherman Oaks
Westlake Village
Woodland Hills 3
Contemporary Chic

Stylish and Outgoing? 

            Contemporary Chic is your design style! 

You are a perfect balance of intelligence, quick wit and sappy romance. As a socialite, you are well read, like to travel and have much to offer. You are self-confident and do not feel the need to surround yourself with showy grandness, but rather prefer a stylish, yet comfortable space with a few pops of fluff and color to balance your personality. More than likely, the items you do decide to display will include a couple of rare or meaningful pieces, contemporary books, a couple of strategically placed mirrors, tasteful vases and sculptured displays. Art for you could include stylized maps or famous icons, like Audrey Hepburn. You enjoy the company of a few intelligent friends, but don't mind mixing with the party seekers and can definitely hold your own in any social gathering. You enjoy simply portioned, well prepared foods, like Sushi or French-Asian Cuisine, rather than a plate of average abundance. You wish to surround yourself with well made, functional, comfortable and unique furnishings and elements. Your home is your personal domain and should reflect your character and style.


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Boston 2
Hollywood Hills
Marina Del Rey
Studio City
Woodland Hills 2
Earthly Love

Earthy, Rustic, and Natural?

             Earthly Love is your design style!

You are aware, conscientious, and possess an appreciation for deeper connections, whether it is with the earth, family, or friends. You have an affinity for earth tones, wood-grains and gardens. Your style reflects your love for nature and your hobbies typically involve a good hike, surfing or anything else that will get fresh air into your lungs and soul. Your idea of a perfect Sunday would be waking up to an early morning coffee on the patio, then strolling the local Farmer's Market and leisurely preparing a meal with family and maybe a close friend or two with your yummy organic finds. You like design elements that bring the outside in, have a tactile nature, and have a desire to create a feeling of "home." There is a theme to your story; an interplay and flow between elements, though your classy friend with the Black Mercedes Benz, Ferragamo Handbag and elegant home would likely not understand why somethings are better left unmatched in your home. Regardless, everything "works" with everything else and everyone agrees that you make rustic look good! You are a caring conservationist, earth embracing, lovely soul! Your home should reflect your naturally calm personality, enhancing the elements that you love so much and be welcoming, cozy and comfortable.

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Agoura Hills
Porter Ranch 3
Porter Ranch 4
Topanga Canyon
Extraordinary Opulence

Love the Exquisite, Marvelous and Fabulous?

               Extraordinary Opulence is your design style!

You're an old soul who believes in the good ol' days and are disheartened that style is just not what it used to be and really, with modern pop-culture altogether. You are mesmerized by the glory of the ancient empires with their elongated Cathedral Architecture and sky-high, hand-painted domes. Gilded Roman Columns, sparkling crystal tear drop chandeliers, colorful stained glass, rich ornate moldings, luxurious velvets and fine silks truly delight you. You are a rich, glamorous and wealth-driven soul with a big appetite for beauty and have a need to immerse yourself in fine things. You would love nothing more than to lay on your chaise lounge watching your favorite love story, sipping on expensive champagne and nibbling on an array of gourmet cheese and luscious fruit. You've been a true romantic since the age of three, love poetry, enjoy classical music and the dramatic melodies of which enrich your soul. You wish nothing more than to surround yourself with the great masterpieces of Michael Angelo, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Raphael, Monet, and Van Gogh. You loved watching Dynasty and Dallas in the eighties and haven't really appreciated TV since their demise. To put it bluntly, you are simply marvelous! Your home should reflect your divine style, surrounding yourself with fine silks, animal skins, feathered-accents, jewel-tones, rich wood wall-panels, and fabulous art.

My Design Concepts
French Riviera
Flamboyant Flair

Eccentric, Magnetic and Electric?

             Flamboyant Flair is your design style!

You are a highly sociable person with a good sense of humor who loves a good time. You get along well with people of all backgrounds and walks of life and are quick to make new friends. You are daring, bold and strong-willed, yet playful and fun to be around. People are attracted to your free-spirit and your welcoming heart tends to bring out the best in others. You possess a wild-side and love adventure and spontaneity. You are not afraid to experiment and try new things and are not affected if those things don't always work in your favor, but rather find a way to turn that failure into a success. As a matter of fact, failure isn't even a word in your vocabulary! Your confidence, wit, arrogance and general animal magnetism breeds remarkable sex appeal, making you irresistible to others. You are colorful and eccentric and if you want a leopard print chaise lounge or giant abstract naked figure in your living room, no one can tell you otherwise. You discriminate in music and admire celebrities that pushed the envelope and embraced the funk. You may be partial to artists like Elvis Presley, Liberace, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, or Lady Gaga. Edgy and aggressive, your personal space should be colorful, playful and diverse to reflect the sexy beast that you are!

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Las Vegas
Malibu 2
Marina Del Rey 2
Pacific Palisades
Sherman Oaks 2
Silver Lake
West Hollywood
West Los Angeles
Mediterranean Marvel

Love European Culture?

         Mediterranean Marvel may be the right design style for you.

You are a well-traveled person with an affinity for European Architecture and Culture. You are generally well rounded, patient, worldly, intelligent, out-going and have a warm personality that attracts people to you. You appreciate the finer things in life and love abundance, yet are down to earth and easy going. You make a great host/hostess and often entertain large groups while preparing an abundant spread of sumptuous foods like Greek, Italian, French and Middle Eastern Cuisines. The kitchen is very likely your favorite room and main gathering area; and you love to display gourmet breads, cheeses, oils and good wines. You live for today, have a big appetite for love and life and wish to share it with others. To put it simply, you are a warm-hearted welcoming soul who loves everyone and is also loved by all! Your home should radiate warmth with earth tones, European Architecture and Art, and exude other fine elements from past Western Civilizations.

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Florence 2
Modern Minimalist

Structured, Organized and Neat?

         The Modern Marvel Design Style may suit you well!

You know what you like and have what it takes to bring it to life. When it comes to indecision, your tolerance is low. Although you can enjoy spontaneity, and there is something about taking a risk that you find exciting, you prefer to operate from an effective plan. You are a "doer" and your priority is getting things checked-off your to-do list. When the work is complete, you recharge your batteries by enjoying a peaceful night with select friends or family. You live in the present and embrace current music leaders, like Jay-Z, Beyonce or Coldplay, but still appreciate pop culture pioneers like The BeatlesRolling Stones and Arrow Smith. You love the city and take life by the horns. Your style has strong structural elements and is highly functional. No clutter and zero waste; a place for everything and everything in its place. You are a no-nonsense, no-drama person and your home should have straight lines, sharp edges with few curves, likely bringing in elements of big city lights with simple pops of decor.

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Beverly Glen
Century City
Downtown Loft 2
Hollywood Hills 2
Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Studio
Newport Beach
Westwood 2
Vacation Retreat

You Work Hard, but Play Even Harder?

       A Vacation Retreat will serve you well!

"Work hard, play hard," that's you! You give it your all and then take it all back. Your heart needs its retreat whether in the form of adventure or lazily lounging in your beach home, and you're willing to do what's required to attain that feeling. Recreation and reflection are good for the soul, and bringing those elements into your living space connects you with those feelings. Some people put a 4x5 on the desk of the big fish they caught 14 years ago, or maybe the hat they bought in the golf shop at Pebble Beach, but you mount that 80 pound marlin over the fireplace and proudly display the hand painted original of "amen corner" and the Pebble Beach coast line. OK, maybe that's going a little far . . . but you get the idea. Recreation is an important part of your life and no matter what turns your everyday life takes, a small part of you is always off planning your next getaway. Design element preferences reflect clear ocean waters, deep greens, and snowy whites all against backdrops of natural elements. All colors and textures are brought together to create a physical, mental and emotional retreat that rejuvenates your soul. Your vacation home should bring out the best in you, and you bring out the best in it.

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Laguna Beach
Palm Springs
Pebble Beach Country Club Resort



Personality Type Disclosure

After many years of interacting with people from all realms of life, I've come to recognize a group of general Design Style Categories that represent broad groups of personalities and preferences. These style categories are often a great place to start in honing in on your preferred designs. Perhaps as you browse the categories, you may find a category and personality that comes close to describing YOU.

You may find yourself drawn to one or a combination of Design Styles and personal characteristics. Don't worry, everyone has their own unique design style preferences, and we will ultimately arrive at a custom design to fit your needs, preferences and personality. These design styles are only a helpful tool for you to get some ideas and get the vision and conversation started.