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Design Services

Interior Design

Interior Design is the creation and stylistic arrangement of materials and elements within interior spaces. It is initiated by the Conceptualization of ideas, followed by Visualization. Conceptualization and Visualization go hand-in-hand in the design process and one should lead to the other.

The process of Conceptualization is to form ideas with a design philosophy in mind. Thereafter, the Visualization is developed, and culminates into schematics through the creation of preliminary renderings using integrated design software.

Once the preliminary designs and budgets are agreed upon, the actual work begins, which may include construction, room alterations and additions. Many hard fixtures are incorporated and may include lighting concepts, flooring design, cabinetry and counter surfaces, window and door placement, molding detail and placement, stonework, painting, etc. Soft features are those that require much thought, planning and detail (architectural drawings, permits, diagrams, furnishing arrangement, accessory types and placement, artwork themes, decor style, etc...). The final outcome should be well balanced and complement one's persona and style. The goal is to create an esthetically pleasing home that is also functional, comfortable and lasting.

This service is available for any one space, a complete home renovation, or for new home construction. Once the conceptual design work is complete, there may be an initial installation and display of all elements set in place for viewing and approval prior to final completion.

Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating is the placement of new and also the re-arrangement of old design elements, which include furnishings, carpeting, rugs, wallpaper, wall paint, draperies, blinds, bedding, artwork, accessories, and many other fine interior aspects. Home decor will change the appearance of a home dramatically and will also revive an outdated home, bringing it to new life.

Home Staging

Home Staging is the design and temporary placement of stylistic furnishing and decor which are intended to generate the highest price and the best terms on a home sale.

This service is available to home owners and realtors whom wish to "jazz-up" the interior/exterior and make more impactful, action generating impressions on perspective buyers.

As a real estate professional of over 20 years, I can say with full confidence that Home Staging makes all the difference on the successful sale of any home.

Window Covering

Window treatments significantly change the appearance of a home. In addition to esthetic appeal, window coverings also provide privacy, save energy and help reduce loss of cool or warm air. Through our specialty fabricators and installers, we work with clients to help create custom designed window and door treatments. There is a wide range of fabric available, which is custom-made into stunning drapery to suit most every need and function. If you're looking for a quick "pick-me-up" for your home, window and door covering can make a big difference in any space.


Artwork is an integral part of the interior design process and effectively works to provide esthetic appeal, color and interest in any space. Art, in and of itself, has the power to bring a room to life. When displayed correctly, wall-art can make a lasting impression, create conversation, add color and enhance an interior dramatically.

Through various retailers and art dealers, we provide an exciting collection of artwork for home and workplace display. Our pieces are hand selected with high quality and uniqueness; and our prices are usually lower than most galleries. We have great oil paintings of classic design and modern pop-culture prints that blend well with various design style specialties. Our inventory is updated regularly so if you don't see what you're looking for on the Art Gallery Page you may want to contact us directly and/or check back periodically.

Interior Design/Decor Budget

A design budget is included with our services. We keep track of each project's expenses and provide an itemized cost break-down, which is further sub-categorized by each room. This helps to estimate the required funds needed for all elements including labor costs and keeps the project within budget.

Interior Design/Decorating Consultation

Consultation Only Services involve complete home evaluation and recommendation. We provide a report with detailed instructions outlining each room's d├ęcor placement and arrangement. Consultative evaluation is for the purpose of a "Do-it-Yourself" strategy. Design talent and skill is developed over many years with trial and error experience and design education. While the knowledge and resources a design expert brings is quite invaluable, this option may work well for you if you are handy, creative, organized, have the time, or on a tight budget.

Design Fees

Our design fees vary due to the nature and size of the project. Upon meeting with you to evaluate your home and design goals, we will customize a package to suit your needs. Our design charges are very reasonable and competitive; and we will work with you to achieve your desired results within budget.

We try to help with the total design costs by providing options with the design fees. Our packages are available either by hourly rate, a percentage basis of the total project cost, and/or a combination of the two, whichever works out better for our clients. We also have a consultation only fee, which varies depending on the size and complexity of the home.

We are a well-organized and meticulously detailed design boutique and will provide you with a full accounting of the total project. Give us a chance and you will not regret it!