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Welcome! We wish to be your source for design/decorating inspiration for your home interior. We offer high quality Residential Interior Design, Home Decorating, Home Staging, Wall Art, and Drapery Services nationally, but primarily in California. We may also venture out internationally depending on the project type.

Based in Los Angeles (L.A), we are fortunate to work with clients from all over the world and in doing so are able to integrate design styles from every culture and lifestyle. Born in Egypt and raised in L.A., California, Sonia Assad, understands that creating great home interiors is not only about decorating for impressionable results, but more importantly is about one's own harmonious establishment. A well designed interior has been known to increase happiness significantly and improve one's state of mind. A truly good designer understands that interior design and home decor are more often associated with spatial problem solving in creating spaces that are functional, comfortable, and pleasing than they are about home fashionable trend-setting. A balanced home scheme should express one's tastes in color, artistic nature and design style, while adding luxury and comfort. We maximize the potential of your living space by working closely with you to realize your needs, important considerations, inspirational artwork, and simply how you wish to feel each time you enter your home. With Signature Interior Design, you'll get a nice balance of both beauty and practicality when it comes to your decorating motif.

Home Decorating and Staging increase your home's value.

Home Staging in L.A., California

Need help selling your property within L.A. County? Can't seem to make your home stand out amongst the many properties for sale in California? Sonia will add schematic decor, elegance, and class to your interior design so that potential buyers within the L.A., California area notice and compare it to other less appealing real estate. Home staging can make all the difference!

Home Staging is becoming increasingly popular within the interior design world and is being used to increase a home's desirability. As an experienced designer and home staging professional, Sonia knows how important first impressions are when it comes to getting homebuyers to consider a home purchase. Through our professional home staging services, Sonia will transform your entire interior home into a well-cared for and desired space. We're confident that your home will become an eye-pleasing space to prospective home buyers. Home Staging will increase your home's value as well as raise your chances for a quick sale.

Decorate your life. Love where you live!

Why settle for dull surroundings when you can have home decor that truly stands out and speaks your personality! Why wait? Call us today so that we can help you express your vision and create your dream home. Express your true personality through your unique signature style.

Please take a moment to browse through our site and learn more about our interior design expertise, home decorating & staging services, and Design Specialties Gallery, where our work is displayed. We also have a great collection of artwork available for purchase on our Art Gallery page to enhance your home's decor.

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